Montag, September 26

Forgotten roll of film

Hello you! I'm happy you all enjoyed the last post so much! Thank you all for your nice comments! I enjoy reading trough them so so much so don't ever hesitate to ask
or tell me something you like. :) I will definitely try to
share some more moments from my phone with you. : )
But this time, I have some photos for you from a film in my camera that
got a little forgotten for almost a year. I once planned to trade the film with a friend for
double expousures but ended up having the film in my camera without making new pictures 
with it. So I took a few more frames of the light shadows of a tree on my walk
 and got them developed after. 
Even tough I'm shooting on film for so long now I still get so excited to get it back 
from the lab and this time even more.

Freitag, September 23

Days trough my phone

This post will be a little different from the ones I usually do, so please let me know if you would like me to do this more often? : )
I collected some moments on my phone in the past weeks to share them with you now. 
I started a new book, Zsuzsa Bánk - Die hellen Tage (Bright Days)
 and it has been very good so far! I loved to read it outside on my favourite old blanket
in autumn colours.
Florian and I drove with our bicycles to have dinner with some friends in
 their garden and discovered this beautiful place where the sun seemed to be
the most beautiful ever. 
Ewa and I also had a lovely picnic under the birch trees to celebrate our last day of
We had our last swim in the lake for this year and stayed until the sun was about
to go down before it started to rain for a longer period in the next days.
Often Willow reminds me so much of a little baby, because he always wants
to crawl into our bed in the morning to enjoy some cuddles. :)
I also created a new notepad for my shop and here you can see how I packed
the first orders. It's always so exciting to send a new product to my dear customers. :)
Willow and I sharing the couch on the afternoons after I made some new posters for a big order! :)
I decorated our home with the most beautiful flowers I bought on the market
from the sweetest old ladies. : ) 
Florian and I recorded a new song for his channel you hopefully can listen to soon! :)
My friend carla visited us and made the yummiest mozzarella tomato bread, mhhh!
It was the yummiest very simple with butter and salt!
I will travel to Poland very soon and bought a new book I will use as my travel diary! : )
And I discovered a new beautiful place when I went for a morning run. It's such a calm
and special place and I already planned to do a little photoshoot there, so stay excited! :)
The last picture will be from my little forest green bike with different surroundings because
it accompanied me all the time trough the spring and summer except for the two times
it broke and I had to get it fixed! :) 


Sonntag, September 18

A summer dream

Freitag, September 16

Simple & delicious Walnut bread

Since we moved together I'm baking a bread about once a week. Most of the time I bake a simple whole wheat bread with a lot of different seeds you don't have to knead, but every once in a while I try out something a little different. This time, I made this walnut bread. For more variations, you can simply add some dried tomatoes or herbs! 

You need:
100g whole spelled flour
200g wheat flour
1ts sugar
half a cube of fresh yeast
150ml hand warm water
1,5ts salt
2 small hands full of walnuts (toasted for more flavor)

what you need to do: 

  • Simply mix water, yeast, and sugar until everything is well combined
  • add the flour and salt and mix it with a wooden spoon, add some more flour if your dough is too sticky
  • Finally add the walnuts too, knead your dough for about 8 minutes and let everything rest for one hour
  • knead the dough again and make a flat ball, folding the outer parts of the dough into the middle
  • let it rest for 30 more minutes
  • preheat your oven with an oven proof pot to 230 degrees celsius 
  • put your dough in the pot and let it bake for about 25 to 30 minutes 

Enjoy it with some herb butter!