Freitag, Juni 23

Garden party / Thyme lemonade recipe


On Monday Florian and I prepared a little summer garden BBQ for these girls.
We had a garland and lights hanging above the table and went on a little sunset walk up the hill.

We prepared grilled avocado filled with chickpeas and cucumber, vegetable skewers , a lot
of grilled cheese, marinated cauliflower and baked sweet potato.
For dessert we had berries and grilled peaches with vanilla
ice cream!

The girls also brought a filled bread with cheese and balsamic onions, ( so incredible yummy!!)
tomato salad and a paprika bread! :)

 I also made thyme lemonade for the first time which was really good and simple as well!

All you need is:

1 cup of sugar
1 cup of water
1 handfull of thyme (or a little less if you don't like it too intense)
1 cup fresh jemon juice

cook sugar, water and thyme until the sugar is dissolved,
put it in the fridge over night
and mix 1 part syrup with 1 part lemon juice
and put it in a big jar filled with ice cubes.
Fill the open space with sparkling
water and enjoy your fresh lemonade on
a hot summer day!

and add some wild strawberries when you serve it! It looks extra cute!

Montag, Juni 19

weekend thoughts

I wanted to visit the cherry trees on Saturday. I took a
basket, a blanket and my bike with me and was hoping
to find small red balls on the trees already. In front of our bedroom
I can see a cherry tree covered in the most beautiful
red tones and every day it makes me crave cherries even more! ; )

But when I reached my spot I saw that they weren't red yet so I was a little
sad that my basket would stay empty for now. 

 I was lying in the high grass on my blanket,
watching it moving with the wind.
I started to cut out some stickers for my shop,
because I always like to work not only at my
desk but also at places that I feel very 
comfortable in. 

As I was looking around I realized the sun had already moved a lot down to the hill where
the cherry trees are and now started to create the most beautiful playful
light patterns on the bark so I took a few pictures in it.

When I was looking above me I saw a little red butterfly flying into
my direction and naturally I reached out my arm and it landed
so softly on it and climbed on my blouse. 

Now it was sitting there like a broche for maybe 10 minutes
until it started to fly away just to come over to me again
to land a couple of times. 

I was standing there in this light, in this silent
world of the cherry trees.
Just me and this little red butterfly.


Mittwoch, Juni 14

A trip to the lake

Some weeks ago it was warm enough to go for our first
swim with some lovely people at the lake.
Like always the first swim of the year felt
incredible special. 

I love to feel the water all around me. It feels like this is
one of those moments where you feel your body very differently and

Freitag, Juni 9

With the windflowers

Look at their beautiful dresses,

like delicate silk it looks out for the sun up to to sky