Montag, Oktober 17

Lydia - Time is passing slowly

Muse: Lydia Trappenberg

Donnerstag, Oktober 6

What light lets us feel

Autumn treats us with its beautiful colours day by day.


Dienstag, Oktober 4

Goodbye September, hello October! (Playlist and Video)


September is already over and October knocked on our doors.
 I look forward to Friday where I will finally travel to Poland 
to meet two of my dear friends, Anna & Matylda. I will see Wroclaw and
Kraków and I can't wait to fill my journal with adventures. 
But for now, let's take a look back on my favourite September tunes and light moments, 
I made a playlist and a little video of.
And on these pictures of beautiful Mira that visited us! I feel very blessed
to got to know her. 

Montag, September 26

Forgotten roll of film

Hello you! I'm happy you all enjoyed the last post so much! Thank you all for your nice comments! I enjoy reading trough them so so much so don't ever hesitate to ask
or tell me something you like. :) I will definitely try to
share some more moments from my phone with you. : )
But this time, I have some photos for you from a film in my camera that
got a little forgotten for almost a year. I once planned to trade the film with a friend for
double expousures but ended up having the film in my camera without making new pictures 
with it. So I took a few more frames of the light shadows of a tree on my walk
 and got them developed after. 
Even tough I'm shooting on film for so long now I still get so excited to get it back 
from the lab and this time even more.