Montag, September 29

How it feels to be in Amsterdam

Freitag, September 26

Mittwoch, September 24

different situations in the last months when I shot single pictures (part ten) Part 2/2

I'm happy you enjoyed the first part.♥ 
So it's time to share the rest of my summer moments.

We enjoyed sunny and windy walks
we went out in the forest with my mum on a very early morning to look for the first mushrooms
and I enjoyed making more things for my lovelyenvelopes shop. ♥
I enjoyed cozy times at home in my soft bed
Florian and I were waiting in the fields for the perfect moment for taking a picture of the flying birds
and for the second time we sold things on our local flea market. This time I sold more of my handmade envelopes and all the people had nice words for us. :)
We enjoyed cinnamon ice cream with cherrys on an annual fair
I gathered the first signs of autumn and last signs of summer
enjoyed writing and getting the most beautiful and thoughtful letters from lovely people. ♥
and we watched storms appear on the sky when we had a wonderful picnic on a lonely hill.